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Varsity Gymnastics Schedule & Roster

OVERALL RECORD: 0-0-0     |     CONF RECORD: 0-0-0
Schedule & Results
Date Time Opponent Conf. Result Details
12.12.2013 6:00pm Turpin Quad (Away) N N/A
01.04.2014 10:00am Indian Cup (Away) N N/A
01.20.2014 10:00am Troy Invitational (Away) N N/A
01.25.2014 9:30am Elk Invitational (Away) N N/A
02.01.2014 10:00am Beavercreek High School (Away) N N/A
02.09.2014 10:00am Hamilton Invitational (Away) N N/A
02.15.2014 11:00am Cincinnati Championships (Away) N N/A
02.22.2014 10:00am Centerville High School, Lakota East High School N N/A District Championships (Map)

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First Middle Last Jersey Height Position 1 Position 2 Year
Rebecca Naber 12
Michelle Peters 12
Natalie Potts 12
Julia Townsend 12
Natalie Grosick 11
Stephanie Gati 10
Callie Gnam 10
Kelleen Legge 10
Mckenna Devich 9
Stephanie Fierst 9
Abigail Highland 9
Kiley Lovejoy 9
Allison Zimmerman 9